Welcome to Californication (v2.0). It has nothing to do with the TV-show, as my site and URL predate it by quite a few years – though I actually kinda like the show.

I’m researcher and engineer at the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), also known as Xerox PARC or, with epitheton, the ‘fabled’ Xerox PARC, where Steve Jobs got all his good ideas. Just kidding, though it was and is an amazing place to work. Find out here what I work on (hint: small, but rather fascinating stuff). I also have a LinkedIn-account that I mainly maintain for work-purposes.

This site and blog is mainly kept to report on the ever-increasing extent of my Californication to my friends and family back home in the Land of Chocolate and Beer (who needs Milk and Honey?) and share my experiences with them; occasionally there may be something of interest to a broader audience, like, yes, you. For instance, I love riding things with two wheels, so you’ll probably find me writing about mountain biking, road bike trips or motorcycle adventures – the web application MTBGuru.com I cofounded with a friend has been an unexpected consequence of this. Recently, I’m also into posting photos (in large size, as even the suckiest ones will look better then and everyone these days has at least 1000 horizontal pixels on their screens), as images are easier on the eyes than words, and I like making them (and lusting about gear involved to make them, but that’s a different story).

I will often times write in Dutch – or Flemish if you will (it’s the same language); if you don’t understand that, I can recommend sending the URL with the post through this, for your entertainment.

You can reach me at dirk at canyonfever.mtbguru.com (replace the ‘at’ by the symbol, of course). And of course, being well into the 21st century, I have a Facebook page, I flickr, twitter, stumble, osm and play Pandora! I’m prone to varying degrees of activity and intermittent commitment to these various web thingies, so don’t get upset if I don’t immediately reply to YourTwitFaceIM (to paraphrase Conan).

Dirk De Bruyker

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