Belgian chocolate truffels

Belgian chocolate truffels (or if you want, chocolate truffels made by a Belgian), serves few to many

Very simple, but oh so effective and a classic crowd pleaser. Get good chocolate, cocoa powder and it can hardly go wrong. It does take some labor and willingness to temporarily turn parts of your kitchen in a sticky mess.



  1. 300 g dark chocolate: as usual, the darker/more bitter, the better (no baking chocolate though; the ‘red’ bars from Trader Joe’s e.g. work well)
  2. additional 50 g dark chocolate: this will be for the outer ‘skin’, you can use the same or a different chocolate, to e.g. add some flavour or spicy kick
  3. 200 ml whipping cream
  4. 100 g cocoa powder
  5. optional: some liquor (Calvados would be a good pick, or Absinthe)


  1. Heat the cream on a slow fire
  2. Break up the 300 g of chocolate into small pieces
  3. Bring the cream to a boil
  4. Put chocolate pieces in container and pour hot cream over it
  5. Stir until chocolate has molten and mixture is even
  6. Add optional liquor
  7. Cover container and put in refrigerator, cool down for about 1 to 2 hours
  8. When consistency is right (takes some experience; when cooled for too long the mixture will be rock hard; when not long enough it will be too runny; find the spot in between), hand knead small balls out of the mixture
  9. Heat up the 50 g of chocolate (in a bain marie) until molten and smooth
  10. Roll balls through molten chocolate, subsequently through the cocoa powder: i.e. the fun but messy part!
  11. Store the truffels covered in the refrigerator, but take them out ahead of time before consumption – the ideal temperature to consume the truffels is about just below room temperature, or as we’d call it, ‘chambré’

Any occasion is now good to savor and enjoy the delicate smoothness of the truffels and all that good flavanol in the cocoa.

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