Snow ride to the Kerstmarkt

It’s still cold and snowy, but that wasn’t going to deter me from doing a ‘snow ride’, with my dad’s mtb (which is a former mtb of mine, so we were familiar with one another). I mainly rode the trails near ‘Fort VI’, a WWI era complex of fortified bunkers that has been turned into (small) natural and recreational preserves…


The regular roads were still very slick and with all the traffic it was probably a little too sketchy to go into downtown with the bike, so I continued my trip on the bus.

The inside of the ‘Stadsfeestzaal’ (literally translated: the city’s party hall):


A corner store selling hot waffles on the street (apology for the crummy iPhone shot):


Some video footage of the Kerstmarkt in downtown Antwerp; this ‘Christmas Market’ is sort of a Christmas-themed farmer’s market with the addition of stands selling hot wine and ‘jenever’ (a grain based hard liquor):

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