The trip

A long traveling day, which went fairly well, given the conditions, except for a ~2 hour wait for the luggage in Zaventem (Brussels airport). Lots of snow near the runways… and pretty much everywhere else.


There was quite some chaos at the baggage collection area but after the long wait for my luggage, I jumped on a train to Gent…


... the views of the snowcapes under a setting sun were quite nice, though I was getting a bit sleepy at this point. But I had to remember it was party time, and after I got picked up by my mother and aunt at the Gent train station I woke up again – though that could also have been because of the biting cold. At the restaurant, people were having their desserts (I arrived three hours behind schedule) and then went over to my sister’s place, which was only a few blocks away, to continue the festivities.

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