Snow and ice

Today it was time to do a run. It was a little sketchy, quite literally so. This is how the ‘Nachtegalenpark’ now looks like (remember how it looked like when we ran there back in June?):


I did fall once, but overall it was kind of fun.

Next, I went for a walk with my folks, in a natural preserve near the town of Willebroek, south of Antwerp.



In case you’re wondering: it was cold, very cold, freezing cold!



As you can see, I’ve been sporting my new Euro-outfit: works great in these conditions and looks cool (but feels warm).

4 Responses to “Snow and ice“

  1. Rialena Says:

    Your parents look like they are having fun It is so pretty there with the snow but looks nothing like the same park I ran in past June, it’s completely covered eh! You look like a French guy with your hat and scarf! Very fitting! Miss you lots schattebollica! Have fun! Muah.

  2. elhombre Says:

    Yes they enjoyed the hike, it was actually their idea. Et merci bien pour les compliments mon cherie!

  3. PeterK Says:

    Thou looketh very British, mylord! :-)

  4. elhombre Says:

    French… British… make up your mind folks!

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