As summer flys by

Can’t believe the summer is almost over. Lucky for us, the Californian fall is often times even better…
What have I been up to?
Enjoying the lush high country with my sweetie:

Flume trail

...and during a swim in Marlette Lake, running into an interesting crustacean (unfortunately no pictures) – didn’t have any idea Marlette was hosting such well-sized crayfish.

Cheering during the Folsom tri:


Flower spotting (and eating!)
Indian Paintbrush

And finally, enjoying one of my biggest Coe rides ever, in a much starker, but in its own right alluring landscape:

Bear Mountain

Coe Bear Mountain

2 Responses to “As summer flys by“

  1. PeterK Says:

    Het is nu wel duidelijk: er moet hier dringend opnieuw conferentiebudget komen, zo kan dit niet langer!

  2. elhombre Says:

    Onaanvaardbaar inderdaad! Uw werkgever dient dringend opnieuw het licht te zien. Of misschien dient een sponsor gezocht te worden voor foto-reportages op verplaatsing?

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