The Fog

In summer time the Fog rules: it’s the natural and nocturnal refrigerant of the Bay Area, cooling spots like San Francisco beyond the comfort level. For other places though, like San Jose, it sometimes makes the thermostat sit just right.

Coastal fog on Adobe Creek trail

Somewhere there an ocean is hidden. Seeing the cloudy tails creep over the ridges reminds me to bring along some winter gear on after work bike rides.

The coastal fog seen from the Black Mountain

This was not required on our Kennedy ride last Saturday morning as I would attempt to hammer the archetypical climb from the bottom, providing for sufficient waste heat to get all warm and cosy. And above the clouds it was all rather sunny, pleasant and frisky. Even the last Wall looks like an innocent little dip in the surface here, overlooking the sea of white blanketing San Jose.

Kennedy's Wall

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  1. PeterK beweert:

    Wow, most impressive indeed!

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