When this volcano, currently disrupting European air traffic (hopefully by June the air will be cleared out!), first made headline news, something sounded vaguely familiar to me. Some digging through five year old photos, and yes:


One is able to access the glacier – and volcano – from the coastal road, following a gorgeous, steep trail, which I hope is surviving all the action. The trail starts out at another fantastic Icelandic landmark (there are many), the Skógafoss:


I was hiking up it for a while five years ago, wishing I was on a bike – it would have made for some of the awesomest riding imaginable; Iceland is a fantastic place indeed.

Skogafoss trail

Of the glacier/volcano itself I only have this (crummy) shot, taken from the coast; there was no time to hike all the way up at the time, I was on a whirlwind tour and Vatnajökull was still waiting…


Real photos btw are on the as always excellent Big Picture...

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