Tortoises etc

I recently dragged my ‘big’ camera – with ‘long’ lens – almost 5000ft up the steeps of Henry Coe, so you’re going to suffer the consequences, like it or not.

Let’s start with the Western Pond turtle, aka Actinemys marmorata – one of the many reptilian inhabitants of Coe, with a life expectancy not unlike that of humans (~70 years):

Coe turtle

Coe turtle

There were plenty of them, baking in the sun in and near Tule Pond. Then, there were vultures:

Turkey vulture

The turkey vulture of course – Cathartes aura – nicknamed after that other ugly bird, not for its dietary preference to it, but for its facial resemblance.

Here’s the quintessential tree in Coe (and by pars pro toto also California), Quercus agrifolia:

California oak

Next time, the Puma concolor! ...just kidding (I hope).

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