Today is the day of the iPad.

But just like everything else in the universe, it was actually invented at Xerox PARC, years before anyone even thought of putting the words tablet and computer in the same sentence, except perhaps to provide a casual example of an oxymoron.

Behold the PARCPad! (circa 1991)



The launch of Apple’s newest shiny gadget raises serious questions:

Did PARC’s security guard fumble its future yet again, by letting a heavily disguised Mr. Jobs slip into the building to steal yet another PARC idea?

Can Mr. Jobs be persuaded to rename its silly-named computing gem to something that more aptly reflects on the rich legacy of tablet computing; say something like ‘XPad’?

Will the Behemoth of Cupertino, Xerox and Kotex launch an all-out, no-prisoners-taken legal battle around the rights on the -Pad trademark?

Only time will tell!

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