Happy new year and decade!

(Ok feel free to argue about the decade counting thing…)
Happy 2010 and hope everyone had a good time shedding off the old for the new (which reminds me of ‘Oudejaarsavond’ versus ‘New Years Eve’, another strange morphed-in-translation anomaly between E and NL).

new years at Embarcadero

We went to the Embarcadero in SF, witnessing glorious fireworks and crowds, my framboise lambiek bottle I was carrying around in hidden seclusion (all these bloody drunks on the streets give honest consumers of alcohol a bad name), ready for the big moment, had a cork hidden underneath the cap, meaning without cork screw we had to wait, I tried my car keys but that didn’t work, going with the flow of the masses, later taking BART to Daly City where the drunken stupor of a few fellow passengers provided entertainment (for some), a sober and uneventful trip home made the lambiek taste sweeter than ever… cheers!

2 Responses to “Happy new year and decade!“

  1. PeterK Says:

    Happy 2010 indeed, may the technology gods deliver goodies in abundance. For me, 2010 couldn’t start worse: version 2 of the mighty 70-200 f/2.8L IS and not enough money. I really need to find a money making scheme myself now…

  2. elhombre Says:

    Ugh… luckily I did a pre-emptive strike a year ago by getting the 70-200 f/4 so I have no reasonable excuse at all to even consider this. Too good (and heavy) for me anyway ;).

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