Jeff Clark at PARC

The legendary big wave surfer – who discovered Mavericks and surfed it for about 15 years before the world took him and the famous spot near Half Moon Bay serious – gave a PARC forum talk last Thursday.

Jeff Clark at PARC

Ignore the poor iPhone pic quality, Jeff is the guy in the red shirt in front; the forum started with some outtakes from “Riding Giants”. Jeff Clark looked for his words carefully – just like he does with his waves? – and it was great hearing his war stories and seeing his photos of the monster waves at the rocky reef near the tip of Pillar Point…

2 Responses to “Jeff Clark at PARC“

  1. Tom Says:

    Hebt ge Riding Giants nu eindelijk al eens gezien?

  2. Elhombre Says:

    Ja, een tijd geleden ge-netflixed…

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