2009 Tour of California (2)

The day after the Santa Cruz stage, the riders would start around noon in downtown San Jose, head up Sierra Road, then ride along Calaveras and the Patterson Pass into the Central Valley.
This ment it was time for an extended lunch break and I rode my bike a bit up Sierra, up and over the initial steep part, until I found a good viewing spot.


The weather was even more atrocious than the day before – or it must have felt that way because this time, unlike at Tunitas, there weren’t many trees around to fend off the drenching showers.


Early and brave attackers…


The peloton not far behind, two riders slightly ahead.


Mancebo on the right, who was in it for the KOM points (best climber classification).


Young and old(er) in team Astana…

2 Responses to “2009 Tour of California (2)“

  1. Konijn Says:

    Zag net dit evenement gecovered worden op de Flickr blog. Om mij volstrekt onduidelijke redenen maakt men daabij geen gebruik van Uw beelden doch van beelden van andere fotografen. Schandelijk!

  2. El Hombre Says:

    Het is een schande inderdaad meneer!

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