Highland Way


...aka the Road to Demo, is getting in rather precarious shape. Responsible for this is the section with the major landslide lovingly nicknamed ‘El Paso del Diablo de la Muerte’ by the Ayatolah. As a result of this, the road is officially ‘closed’, though nobody pays much attention to this. It’s still pretty easy to pass but one of these days the whole thing will go down. Stay away from there during heavy rains, I’d say.

2 reacties op “Highland Way“

  1. Tom beweert:

    El Paso de la Muerte, idioot!
    (Naar de gelijknamige pas op Illiniza Norte…)

  2. El Hombre beweert:

    ‘t Is al goed, zagevent. Ik vind ‘del Diablo’ toch beter klinken…

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