Coe Fire

They call it the Lick Fire but to me it’s the Coe Fire. (The Lick Observatory is untouched by the fire.)

The whole South Bay has been covered in a smoky haze the past few days, and on occasion the air is smelling of burnt oak or pine. This time of the year (fall), the sky is usually very clear instead.

The haze and particles in the air create spectacular orange and red sunsets and sunrises. I’m pretty bummed though, as more than likely a good deal of trails and riding area will either have been flattened by fire trucks or be closed indefinitely for restauration. Not to mention the tons of ash and dust that will be all over the place. Vegetation should be back in good shape after a (hopefully) wet winter – there will be some more open meadowland than before, as the trees obviously won’t be back soon.

Lick fire haze

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