Dale Dougherty at PARC’s Forum

A couple weeks ago, PARC’s Forum speaker was Dale Dougherty – known and rather famous as co-founder of O’Reilly Media and founder and publisher of Make magazine. He supposedly also was the first to coin the term ‘Web 2.0’. His talk was mainly about Make magazine and its companion publication Craft (it can be watched or downloaded here).

To me however, Dougherty is mainly the guy behind the legendary Global Network Navigator (circa 1993-94), the first index site or portal of the then proto-web, when the animals were still talking and people were using Mosaic to browse the net. The ‘Whole Internet Catalog’ section of the site (based on an early O’Reilly bestselling book of the same name) in particular was very useful as a search tool (Yahoo would only be founded a year or two later) – we nicknamed it ‘Den Baard’ during my brief stint at Imec back in ‘94, because of the hairy alchemist/scientist on the cover:
Den Baard

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  1. Konijn beweert:

    Mosaic… Waar is den tijd

  2. El Hombre beweert:

    Jaja, ontdekt op de computers in de kelder van Esat, tussen twee nachtelijke sessies X-Pilot in…

  3. maxgxldealer beweert:


    nice content..
    thanx man for sharing

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