Bionic (II) the Bionicon Edison, truly a beautiful piece of Deutsche Kraftmannschaft!


Front and rear shocks are coupled by a pneumatic line that runs through the frame’s down tube – resulting in on-the-fly adjustability of the bike’s geometry: pushing down on the fork while pressing a button on the handlebar gives you a steep head angle, suitable for the climbs, while compressing the rear shock slackens the head angle. It works great! But as my friend K always says: elegant innovative German design also tends to fail in elegant ways – pneumatic and hydraulic lines on a mountain bike generally don’t help reliability much (cfr. Ayatola’s splattered hydraulic brake in Moab), but the guy from Bike and Bean in Sedona (excellent shop, btw) claims he hasn’t seen any problems with the Bionicon yet.
I took one on a ride around Cathedral Rock in Sedona, and had an excellent time with it.

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