A nice stretch of the legs…

Last friday I got this message from a bike friend:


He was planning on doing a ride with a few folks in Henry Coe State Park the next day, and the 10k from the picture was referring to 10000 feet of climbing.

Henry Coe is notorious for its steep trails, and 10k feet of climbing in over 40 miles sounded like… a good challenge, though of the rather nightmarish kind.

It turned out to be one of the greatest and toughest rides I’ve ever done – Durango was perhaps a bit harder but that was mainly because of the weather conditions and altitude. Some of the climbing on our ‘Kitten ride’ was brutal and relentless and we had to hike-a-bike more than we’d hoped for. A lot of the downhill on the other hand was fantastic and my Yeti was great on this – though a bit heavy and with a non-ideal gearing for the steep climbs (largest cog in the back only 32 teeth), it was coasting like a dream on the rollers and felt awesome on the fast, winding descents. The two thoughest climbs, Mac’s Corral and Vasquez, felt like they would never end though.

As per Jeff, a very nice stretch of the legs indeed!

Here are links to the MTBGuru trip page, to a thread on MTBR on this ride, and to a gallery of pictures including ones not found elsewhere.

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