200 calories of Cote d’Or

This cool article illustrating what 200 calories of various foods look like has been doing the rounds on the Net for a while.

But one important food group hasn’t been represented very appropriately.
Snickers, M&M’s, Hershey’s? Come on! For people who want to know what 200 calories of real chocolate looks like, I’d like to offer instead the photo below:

200 calories of cote d'or

Cote d’Or
36 grams = 200 Calories

(btw, one ‘Calorie’ in common English equals in fact 1 kcal, or 1000 ‘calories’ in the scientific meaning of the word – see also small calories versus large calories. I shudder to think about the confusion this undoubtedly must have been creating over the years.)

2 Responses to “200 calories of Cote d’Or“

  1. Konijn Says:

    Ik krijg een dezer concrete voorstellen voor vluchten richting Uw habitat. Laat me gerust weten hoeveel calorieen ik voor je moet meebrengen ;-)

  2. El Hombre Says:

    Hmm, de airline laat valiezen van 20kg toe, dus dat wordt 200cal / 0.036kg * 20kg = 111111 calorieen! ;)

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