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Frank Taylor from Google Earth Blog showcasing the pretty amazing 3D rendering of downtown Denver in Google Earth; this is probably related to the recent release of a new update of Sketchup (version 6) which Google wants to show off, and which is still my favorite drawing program – I’m not exactly using it to create 3D buildings, but rather to illustrate/visualize all our great inventions here at PARC ;). We bought the Pro version about a year ago and I’m pleased that the update with its new features is free – the regular version is free by default of course. (Interesting, while I’m writing this, the site seems down.)

Have the massive snow storms of past weeks in Denver and Boulder (headquarters of Sketchup) perhaps improved productivity? If you’re stuck in the house, what else can you do but coding? ;)

Update: They do maintain a good sense of humour, up in Boulder:

“Alien space invaders are threatening to liquefy our building with magical, bandwidth-reducing rays. They’ve partially succeeded, which is why you might be having problems with our store.
Sorry for the inconvenience, but these guys are stubborn…
Seriously, we are working hard to restore the needed bandwidth to handle the volume after the launch of Google SketchUp Pro 6”

Somewhat strange: did Google perhaps feel they spent enough after the acquisition, so there wasn’t room for some extra servers?

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