November bliss

It’s deep in November now and I figure I’d do another make-the-folks-at-home-envious post!
November back home in my memory usually translates to: cold, wet, gray (and Boekenbeurs), but needless to say things are different here. It was beach time a while ago! (Okay, we also have gotten some rain and clouds already).

Dancing on the sand

Riddle: which Duran Duran song does this picture associate with?

2 Responses to “November bliss“

  1. blips Says:

    all along the water baby

    take me to your water babe

    all along the water babe

  2. El Hombre Says:

    Een zeer verdienstelijke poging, maar het was niet wat ik in gedachten had!

    “Her name is Rio

    and she dances on the sand”

    Bijna exact het geval – op 1 letter na…

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