Fruita / Moab


It had gotten time for another trip to the desert lands of slickrock, canyons and mesas so last weekend we headed to Fruita and Moab. Fly into Salt Lake, drive late at night to the southeast, get to Fruita in the morning, ride bikes, drive to Moab, ride bikes the next day, then head back to the Mormon capital – such was our schedule.

Unexpected was the behaviour of the weather gods on saturday – the forecast said 20% chance of precipitation, to consist of light showers, but it turned out to be raining a la Belgique for almost 100% of the day. That didn’t stop us from riding the great trails of Fruita, but it made us pause once and a while to clear our drivetrains from a particularly vile type of sticky mud; on rented bikes, luckily.

Moab that evening: it was pouring down as hard as ever. The drive through Castle Valley had still been gorgeous though – Castle Valley may be like a little known sibling of Monument Valley, but it’s at least as grandiose. In Moab, the 24 hours of Moab was going on – the weather conditions had turned it into a challenge of biblical proportions. Read more here about flash floods, mud streams and hypothermic riders.

We woke up the next morning to a gorgeous day though, and took on Amasa Back and later part of the Slickrock trail, as always an essential and almost ceremonial thing to do here. My photos are posted here for further testimony of Fruita / Moab bliss…

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