Day Fire rain

The Day Fire, one of the largest forest fires ever in California, is finally 100% contained. This news comes as the first rains of the season arrived, something that will obviously help control other fires. Being without rain for so long is something that still can baffle me – Belgium seems like one big swampy wetland compared to this place (or, I could also say, California looks like one big arid dryland compared to Belgium). Those first rains consisted of some shy showers and in fact are coming a bit early – wednesday there’s some more wetness in the forecast, but after that we should move back to all-out sunny CA weather.
A few years ago I traveled by motorcycle through the area where the Day Fire was raging (Ojai) and I remember in particular the excellent Highway 33, a truly canyon fever inducing piece of road-constructional art that I thoroughly enjoyed carving through, see the photo below; it may not be looking so green there now for a while…
P5030075 1


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