Lens envy

As I mentioned, I’m totally impressed with my Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens. Why? Because of images such as this:
Img 0694-2 It was very, very dark in that room. ISO at max, the lens wide open at f/1.4 and no flash, 1/50 s – and I still get a great and sharp portrait, with nice background blur, as the lens is wide open. Okay, if you zoom in hard you’ll see a little bit of noise, but so what. The subject btw is our French Tahoe chef Thierry.
Now Ayatola Hombre has recently brought it to my attention that Canon happens to come out with a new lens: a 50mm f/1.2L with ring USM… aarrgl! Luckily it’s so ridiculously expensive that I won’t even consider trading my f/1.4 in for this puppy.

4 Responses to “Lens envy“

  1. Konijn Says:

    Yep, expensive new lens indeed… I still have to buy a/the body due to other priorities on the one hand and Photokina on the other hand. As for the walkaround zoom, I’m still not sure whether to buy the 24-70 f/2.8L or the 24-105 f/4L IS, any thoughts or good advice on that?

  2. El Hombre Says:

    Mmh, that’s a tough one. I guess it really depends on what other lenses you have on
    the longer end and how much you’d want to use this as a general purpose lens.
    They seem to be both around ~ $1000 -$1100 here.
    I’d be in favor of the 24-70 since it seems to have fancier optics and better quality. The 24-105 on the other hand has IS which of course is always nice (supposedly gives you 3 stops).
    Right now I would probably go for the lens with the better optics and then live with its limitations, but that’s perhaps because I’m not yet struck by the problem of having too many lenses to carry and swap around – however, if the 105mm end of the zoom range is really filling a gap for you then that may be the better choice. Maybe Ayatola Hombre can tune in here – he used to do meticulous lens research on the web?

  3. El Hombre Says:

    One more thing: the 24-70 seems a little on the overweight side (almost a kilo) whereas the 24-105 is a bit more reasonable, not sure if that matters a lot for you.

  4. Konijn Says:

    As far as reviews tell me both lenses have very decent optics and build quality. The purpose of the lens is to use as a walkaround lens when we go on a small trip, either with or without the kids. So weight is actually a factor. I intend to purchase both a body and a lens after Photokina, so I may well end up trying both of them out in the store and then decide which one suits me best. The 24-105 is 999 euros over here, 24-70 is 1150 or so so the price difference is not that dominant wrt my final decision. Normally I’d favor the 24-70 due to f/2.8 but the extra focal length as well as IS seem nice to have as most of the photographs taken with the lens will be (a) outdoor and (b) during daytime. I’ll keep you informed once I have the loot ;-)

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