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In case you were wondering why after a few years I still haven’t been able to pick a single language to post here, there is a simple explanation. The problem is not that I can’t decide between English and Flemish, but: I’ve got a girlfriend that doesn’t speak much Dutch and a number of friends that don’t either, and at the same time of course a modest audience that does. So: blog is multilingual since target audience (gf and mom) is multilingual. Initially I mentioned I would just write in whatever language I would feel like that day, but that’s not entirely accurate: my default is Dutch, and when I’d like my girlfriend and others who don’t speak Dutch to read things, it’s English.

Why the default? Because writing in Dutch is still a bit easier on me than English. And of course, I’m way too lazy to start translate everything! I would also like to mention that I’m using for quite a while now the ‘Basic Bilingual’ WordPress plugin by Stephanie Booth (with some modifications by me) to add a language tag to each post (and so for instance the language of the post headers and dates are being set based on these). The sorting in ‘English posts’ and ‘Nederlandse artikels’ (see links in sidebar) also uses this (except for my old imported Blogger stuff, which I still need to tag by hand). Much simpler than separate blogs and the likes, thanks Stephanie!

2 Responses to “Flemglish / Vlengels“

  1. Stephanie Booth Says:

    you’re welcome!

  2. Californication » Blog Archive » Dienstmededeling Says:

    [...] en ook onder de respectieve tabs op het eerder vermelde menu hier rechtsboven. De voertaal is Vlengels, zoals [...]

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