The last two weeks this site has been down quite a number of times; responsible for the mayhem was some Big Trouble at our webhost, Dreamhost. The Ayatola and myself quite like Dreamhost for the features they’re offering (Ruby on Rails, unlimited domains etc – onontbeerlijk voor Het Voorlopig Nog Geheim Project!) and they’re generally very responsive and communicative. They for instance published a lengthy blog post chronicling their problems, illustrating it with images of the exploding Hindenburg, earthquakes and fires, generating some comic relief. It even prompted corporate blogging mogul Robert Scoble to compliment them on their efforts (and also generated an entry in Valleywag). This fast and open communication is quite nice for us tormented but patient customers, though it may occasionally backfire (check what they posted a year ago). Even nicer of course would be enjoying a webhost offering the same features, communication and less downtime.

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