Sierra tree skiing

tree skiingtree skiing

The cold storms keep pounding the West coast and the one good consequence of this is: fresh powder in the Sierra’s. So saturday we headed towards Sierra-at-Tahoe, where I had never been; it was recommended to me for its awesome tree skiing by a ski-obsessed co-worker of mine.

tree skiing

There’s no particularly steep terrain in the resort, except for a few entertaining bowls perhaps (the Avalanche Bowl comes to mind), but Sierra’s fun lies in its woods: the tree skiing is indeed fabulous. And with all that new powder we couldn’t hope for better conditions – the weather (partly cloudy) turned out even better than the forecast (snow showers).

tree skiing

The ski resorts in the Sierra Nevada aren’t complaining this month: March has given them so far loads and loads of fresh snow – and us another great day. More pics...

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