Tahoe powder day

Rain in the Bay Area, powder in the Sierra’s, so the obvious thing to do was to head to Tahoe for the day. Northstar was a pain to get to but offered some nice tree skiing. In the latter discipline tree density is of great importance – too high is not good, too low neither; the goal is to find your way through the forest while avoiding hitting a tree or getting sucked up by a tree well – close encounters are allowed; in fact, I’d restate the goal as: to avoid hitting a tree as often as possible! Helmets are always useful in case this proves to be too challenging, and they’re quite good to deal with low hanging branches too. The fun of it all is in: not knowing exactly where you go, finding virgin (or almost so) stretches of powder, going off the beaten track and so on. The Sierras are rather perfect for this since the tree line here is at quite high elevation.
On the pic you see punk snowboarder Tom ‘The Helmet’ in action (on a regular run, the tree stuff doesn’t lend itself well for photos).

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