MTB diplomacy

Will the mountain bike be able to soothe transatlantic diplomatic relationships? Bush and Verhofstadt seem to think so, as they committed themselves to doing a ride together some time. The president, for whom the endo is no secret, believes he can learn some from the Belgian prime minister, an avid mountain and road cyclist who does indeed know a bit or two about crashing and breaking bones (link to a Dutch newspaper, since Belgian ones apparently haven’t figured out yet that making their archives freely accessible is good for them).
Personally I am completely in favor of such experiment: sharing the thrill of flying down a mountain, the friendly competition during a hillclimb, stanching each other’s open wounds and giving each other a stitch or two on the trail… all beautiful bonding experiences that should bring together even the most disaffected world leaders!
I sincerely hope the Shrub and Da Joenk will set an example.

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