Montara mountain

So all this sunny winter weather allows you to walk around outside in t-shirt (well, it does get a bit chilly in the late afternoon) and, for instance, go on sweet mountain bike rides. It’s been a while since we did Montara mountain (which is located somewhere between Half Moon Bay and Pacifica, near the ocean). I remembered awesome views of the ocean and rather interesting sections of trail near the summit. What I didn’t seem to recall as well was the long and brutal climb required to haul one’s ass up there:

Thomas is giving it all here, and as you know with photos like this, reality is much, much steeper than it seems.

The area near the summit did indeed feature some interesting and rather hair-raising sections. We bailed on the trickiest parts but took on a steep little surprise that we survived well – and subsequently had a nice and safe rollercoaster-run down.

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