Cafe envy

Due to mainly this blog post and others that sprung off from it, it is now getting increasingly improbable to find a sit-down spot at my favorite Cafe Coupa at regular hours. Grmbl! Those laptop-toting nerds squatting all over the place are getting on my nerves – I’m of course quite guilty of the same, but at least I order something once and a while.
Since the redeeming quality of the cafe is really this: the coffee and espresso are absolutely blissful. This is attested by a fascinating book that I’m currently reading (on which I want to write something soon) and that talks a bit about Coupa’s sister-cafe in Caracas, Cafe Arabica – which most likely isn’t going to get flooded by Silicon Valley geeks or bloggers any time soon. Getting a cappuccino in Coupa is now having an almost sacral quality to me; they also have a very interesting spicy hot chocolate – and R’s favorite, the vanilla chai latte.

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