iBook hard drive swap

Mission accomplished – and without casualties!
The picture below shows the innards of my 12” iBook G4, after having removed both lower and upper case halves as well as the top and bottom metal shields. The instructions on PB Fixit are perfect – they even have a ‘screw guide’ in case you, yes, screw up the screws. I used a plastic box with numbered compartments instead though, comes in handy for the 30+ or so little screws and related parts that will have to come off. Once everything is opened up, replacing the drive is a piece of cake – and the knowledge that you have avoided being charged through the nose for this is very satisfying. More pics and advice in the extended post…

This is the backside of the opened up computer.

The tools of the trade. The only special tool needed is a Torx T8 wrench (I presume the Torx screws are there to deter people from doing this), but these are readily available at e.g. Fry’s.
I further used a guitar plectrum to pry open the cases; opening up the cases and shields and undoing a bunch of small connectors is the most challenging part of the whole procedure, but some patience and calm is all that’s needed (oh yes, and taking pictures to document stuff doesn’t hurt and can help you put things back together afterwards).

Here you have both cases and metal shields spread out over my couch. I’d recommend being careful with the shields – they are very thin and easily bent.

The drives. My old Fujitsu on the left is not getting fully retired yet, as it will now serve, together with a new enclosure, as an external USB drive. And of course, the new 100GB Seagate Momentus is kicking ass as we speak!

2 reacties op “iBook hard drive swap“

  1. @ngel beweert:

    Nice! However it would be better if you had an extended guide on how to open the case!
    Good job anyway!
    Do you still own this ibook?

  2. elhombre beweert:

    Yes, this iBook is still going strong and I’m using it daily… had some warranty work a couple months ago (I think one of the motherboards chips went bad, with sudden shutdowns as a symptom, but Apple fixed it without cost as it was covered under my extended warranty).

    The new hard drive definitely extended its useful lifetime to me. I forgot most of the details on how to open the case but I basically followed what the PB Fixit guide said…

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