Movie time

Over the past few months I’ve been screwing around a bit with iMovie, which actually works quite well and at times is a delight to use; I’ve been chewing on some material from my Iceland trip as well as the Death Valley-Mt. Whitney bike ride/hike (the Longest Climb). In the meantime, I’v been convinced into getting a (new) account on Dreamhost (by and with Aytola MTB), which is actually quite nice, since we now have lots and lots of storage bytes and bandwidth. Hence, I’m now able to present you the fruits of my wannabe movie directing efforts:

Both movies are heavily compressed and as a result the video quality is pretty crappy, though probably okay to get the idea. The (uncompressed) DV version is of course much better, but to store or stream that, even a beefy account isn’t sufficient.
The Iceland movie is essentially a fancy slideshow, but the Longest Climb one (which I think is a tad more interesting) does contain real video footage taken during the trip.

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