Halloween in Castro ’05

The streets of San Francisco were crowded once again with gruesome eye candy during yesterday’s Halloween night. As usual, there were tons of gawkers as well (sometimes even annoying gawkers) but that couldn’t spoil the fun. Jurgen was outlandish as usual, as the ‘Cloth Hanger’, and I turned into a ‘Compassionate Conservative – with a heart’ (I’ve been lazy however this year and have to thank my co-worker Greg for most of the costume) – according to some girl I had a ‘heart-on’ though.
Both our costumes appeared to be rather succesful, as they attracted lots of snapshot-groupies. Pictures, pictures!

2 Responses to “Halloween in Castro ’05“

  1. Ayatola Hombre Says:

    Een costuumpke geleend. Zo kan ik het ook natuurlijk…

  2. El Hombre Says:

    Toch niet, blijkbaar – ik heb u namelijk niet gezien in Castro Street en omstreken…

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