Tahoe Rim Trail revisited

As the beautiful California fall weather and near-perfect riding conditions in the Sierra’s kept holding (last year around this time, it starting raining and snowing there), we decided to take advantage and go on a last, end-of-season true epic Tahoe ride. He who will now be known as ‘Ayatola MTB’, and myself drove up to Tahoe friday night and were planning to hook up the next day with Steve, aka ‘Wherewolf’ of the mountain biking site/message board Mtbr. Steve, a professor of biology at CSUS and serious mtb-aficionado, keeps a collection of amazing pics and videos on his website and has extensive experience with Sierra trails. The ride we layed out, Tahoe Meadows to the Flume trail (which I did the previous time), then to Spooner Lake and Kingsbury, featured a good 34 miles over rocky singletrack with over 4500 feet of climbing (at altitude) and required self-shuttling – meaning, driving up and down a few times, hauling gear, bikes and people around. But it turned out to become one of my greatest riding experiences ever (excluding the endo I pursued at the very end) – the trail was amazing, the meteorological conditions just short of perfect, the scenery, colors and vistas fantastic. Steve posted already some nice pics, and a video will soon follow as he was carrying a helmet cam and shooting footage. My pics are online as well.

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