Dangerous wildlife

Another shark attack on a surfer at the Pacific coast; a great white attacked a surfer girl at Salmon Creek beach near Bodega Bay (also known as the town plagued by a very different kind of wildlife in Hitchcock’s ‘the Birds’). She came out relatively unscathed. White sharks are to surfers what mountain lions are to mountain bikers: nemeses that strike very rarely but when they do, you don’t want to be around. Which brings me to the question: which animal (excluding homo sapiens) is the most dangerous here in the US, with ‘dangerous’ being defined as creating the most human casualties per unit of time?
Certainly not mountain lions (14 reported deaths in the 20th century) or grizzly bears (128 in the 20th century) – the real killer seems to be Bambi (around 130 per year). A coworker and friend of mine recently survived a ‘deer attack’, when a not so clear thinking specimen jumped in front of his motorcycle on a winding road through the forests of Northern California (luckily only leading to broken bones for the rider; the deer was taken out of the gene pool). Deer are all over the place here, even in the Bay Area, and allowing some more deer hunting wouldn’t be unwelcome.
According to other reports though, yet another contender could be Maya…

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