Tahoe Rim Trail

The Tahoe Rim Trail is one of those amazing and inspiring rides that make you want to give up your day job in order to become a bike bum. The section from Tahoe Meadows, near Mount Rose, to Tunnel Creek road is a piece of art; the trail has perfect flow, is spiced up by plenty of rocks and boulders and offers stunning views, both of the lake and of the Carson Valley on the other side. The Flume Trail may be the poster child of Tahoe mountain biking, but it pales compared to the Rim trail – the former being a rather flat, sandy and non-technical affair in comparison (even though it’s still a lot of fun). This time of the year, just before the snow and rain kicks in, is also the perfect time for Tahoe. Hence some time last week work had to give for the bike, and I started driving east, for another Tahoe epic (34 miles with 4700 feet of climbing at elevation – from Incline Village up to Tahoe Meadows, down and up the Rim trail, around Marlette lake and back to Incline Village along the Flume trail). The Yeti turned out to be the perfect Tahoe bike – the rear end just eating up the plentiful rock drops.
Now I still got the section to Kingsbury Grade and Mr. Toad’s wild ride on my Tahoe to-do list… so many trails, so little time. Anyway, here’s some pics...

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