‘Xerox PARK’ shut down??

The NASA Ames facility in Mountain View on Moffett Field (see pic below, a familiar sight for anyone that has been in Silicon Valley and has driven along the 101 freeway) could become the home of a brand new Google campus, is reported in this article in the San Francisco Chronicle.
In an effort that won’t exactly be heralded as a triumph of fact-checked journalism, the Chronicle quotes a certain Geoffry Bowker (working as a consultant for Google) mentioning that this new campus

“...could become an epicenter of the Silicon Valley technology industry innovation, much like Xerox Park in Palo Alto was until Xerox significantly cut back its presence in recent years.
“We haven’t had since Xerox Park shut down a place where people could meet and share ideas”
WTF?! Perhaps I should double check but I think I still have a job, and PARC is still there (granted, maybe a little less fun and wild than it used to be, but still).
And what’s the deal with the ‘K’?

2 reacties op “‘Xerox PARK’ shut down??“

  1. Ayatola Hombre beweert:

    That’s always how it works: you read about company layoffs in the newspaper or on the web.
    At Globespan, the Yahoo Stock Mesage boards were usually the most reliable sources to learn about reductions in force.
    The official message from management usually came 6 hours later or so.

  2. El Hombre beweert:

    I’m sure that’s the case for a company like Globespan, given the fact that it is populated by people of your below-par, misanthropic caliber. If I were a corporate exec there, I wouldn’t communicate anything to my employees; or I’d perhaps call a meeting once or twice a year to tell them how lousy they are… :]

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