Bridge anomaly in Google Earth

Google Earth is great; and for someone who always liked playing with maps (the paper emanation), it is a dream: you can spend hours looking at the satellite pics, turning, twisting, tilting the images, flying around the landscape. This guy even found remains of a old Roman settlement in his backyard while playing with it.
Nevertheless, there’s still some progress to be made: the satellite images are stitched and far from seemless (some have clouds, parts of a mountain range have snow, other images stitched to it not, etc), and high resolution images are still all but ubiquitous. And while I was playing around with my Auburn ride stuff, I found the following interesting anomaly: the 3D algorithms don’t seem to handle certain 3D objects, like bridges, all too well.
Check out how the Foresthill bridge looks like:

The blue trace is my GPS recorded path – and indicates the bridge over the American River canyon – on the image it looks like it collapsed though. Mmh, maybe the Foresthill bridge is not famous enough; let’s check out the Golden Gate:

Ouch – looks like the Big One has struck!

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