Demo Forest

And after Downieville the MTB God created… Soquel Demonstration Forest!
I took the singlespeed for the occasion, as Thomas borrowed my Yeti. Needless to say, our afternoon in the Demo Forest was a blast! We had again dug up the armor, in order to inspire some confidence for the multiple stunts on the Braille trail (we alternated on the Yeti for these). It didn’t help me much to properly ride the teeter-totter, as is witnessed by the pic below.
More pics in the extended entry...

The log jumps and hops on Braille prove to be very entertaining. Admire our deer-in-the-headlight stare…

We were riding late sunday afternoon – the conditions were perfect, not too warm, not too cold, the sun low in the west. The forest looked deserted and eerie and we felt like its only guests. It was total bliss and I almost didn’t feel my single gear during the final fire road climb home.

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