Perfect match for Yoda, she is

Hello my friend! My name is Olga. I search serious for the man
for strong attitudes which wishes to create family. Married was
not. Children are not present. A photo I shall place later when
there will be an opportunity. I the tender, careful, gentle,
good mistress. Natural optimism and high spiritual development,
allow to be in fine mood. To me vital to love and give itself to
relatives. In people I appreciate sincerity, fidelity, kindness.
I love people with sense of humour and the open soul. I have
seen your announcement, and you have very much liked me, I would
like more find out about you. I wait for your letter, my
friend. Yours faithfully Olga.
Ayatola Hombre’s inbox remains highly entertaining – and, who could resist a ‘tender, careful, gentle and good mistress’?

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