...and they came into the country of Moab, and continued there (Ruth 1,2)

The land of Moab – pilgrims from all over the world find here the essence of two-wheeled existence… if the greatest invention was the wheel, the second greatest was putting two of them together. The Zen of Moab is found during bombing down and hammering up gnarly rock outcrops in the canyonlands on a mountain bike, amidst incredible scenery.
We (the Ayatollah and myself) went for a three day Memorial Day weekend to experience once again the feeling of cosmic harmony Moab induces (the feeling of burning open wounds and raw flesh is sometimes induced as a side effect as well). Riding the Slickrock Trail, even though it’s become as close to a Moab-stereotype that one can get, remains an absolutely scintillating and mind-altering experience; it turned out to also be a bike-altering experience for Ayatollah’s poor Giant Reign, that first saw its front brake fail and later its rear derailer being bent into oblivion (by repeated hard landings). The first incident forced us to retrace our steps during our first ride.
But we came back, we saw and we won; we finished the magnificent loop anti-clockwise on sunday night. In the morning we had done some slickrock freeform-riding near Hidden Canyon, a couple of miles north of Moab. A brief visit (tourist style) to beautiful Arches National Park was included as well.
Slickrock isn’t really slick, it’s sticky in a very tire-friendly way, the reason for its popularity with the mountain bike crowd; it inspires confidence: steep hills and drops that on other days in other places seem unsurmountable are being cleared, with grace. It is also very hard, and unpleasant to fall on.
Later we took off to do some singletrack in the La Sal mountains, but we found hailstorms and snow blocking our path. So we had to ‘settle’ with the Porcupine Rim trail – in Moab you truly have the ‘embarras du choix’ concerning trail selection. The Rim is of course a treat on its own, and the vistas on Castle Valley a nice highlight. As usual, there are pictures of our adventures; and the Ayatollah has posted some as well.

4 Responses to “Moab“

  1. Hombre Says:

    Wegmarkeringen op rotsen zijn voor wussies!!

  2. El Hombre Says:

    Hombre, de markeringen op de Slickrock trail zijn redelijk Nodig. Er is eigenlijk gewoon geen trail; ge kunt er altijd zomaar wat rondrijden maar op die manier belandt een mens nogal makkelijk in een of ander dor ravijn alwaar zijn gebeente aan de gieren ten prooi kan vallen. Dit gezegd zijnde, ik sta te popelen om u aldaar eens op de mountain bike bezig te zien!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    De gieren zouden er blij mee zijn :-)

  4. Ayatola Hombre Says:

    Die wegmarkeringen zijn essentieel om te voorkomen dat ‘wussies’ een gemakkelijkere weg zouden nemen. Ik kan u verzekeren dat de stippellijn niet de weg van de minste weerstand volgt!

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