2005 Sea Otter Classic

While in Europe the cycling ‘classics’ are taking place in fast succession, here in the US the cycling season just has been properly started, by the annual Sea Otter Classic festival in Laguna Seca near Monterey. Yours truly would participate in the amateur cross country mountain bike race again, this time in the singlespeed class, with as objective (a) to not crash in any way and (b) finish the race. I’m happy to say that my objectives were met! Unlike the carnage last year, there was no need to dig out my ample collection of first aid supplies.
The singlespeed thing turned out (as expected) to be insanely tough – but that was the challenge this year, and it definitely gives one proper bragging rights. I surprised myself as I did do about 11 mph on it (on a 19 mile course with 2700 vertical feet of climbing).
There was plenty of time to watch other events afterwards, and I checked out the Mountain Cross races (see pic below), the Pro cross country race and the dirt jumping contest. More pics in the extended entry...

Geoff Kabush and Liam Killeen, about to sprint for victory in the Pro cross country race.

No, these aren’t motorcycles… Mountain Cross (sending four riders at a time down a short downhill course) is pretty insane but very entertaining to watch.

The great Brian Lopes in the Mountain Cross…

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