Santa Teresa ride

Santa Teresa is a county park located in the hills south of San Jose, and home of some excellent mountain bike trails. In particular, Rocky Ridge trail (nomen est omen) is fine, rocky, mildly technical singletrack; and Stile Ranch trail, a tad more technical, features a series of tight switchbacks. I took out the singlespeed to Santa Teresa for some Sea Otter training in the weekend, hoping to avoid the ubiquitous mud on most Bay Area trails in this (very) wet season – aforementioned trails were quite okay, however some serious mud holes had to be overcome on other sections.

On Coyote Peak, the highest point of the park

In the Santa Teresa hills, another ‘fabled’ research center can be found: the IBM Almaden Research Center, as seen here from Coyote Peak. The center looks a bit like a medieval fortress, strategically overlooking the valleys below.

The heavily overcast sky made for some interesting sunset. Follow the trail using the red lens flare!

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