Los Angeles

LA is easy to hate: smog infested, with ubiquitous, endless and hellish traffic jams, mean dirty streets, suffocating urban sprawl, the elevation of self-obsession as a lifestyle… you’ll see your stereotypes and prejudices confirmed. On the other hand, LA is fascinating, offering a captivating variety of people, buildings, sights, scenes, and remains absolutely electrifying: Sunset Boulevard in West-Hollywood, Mullholland Drive at night, the incredible architecture of Frank Gehry, and so on and so on.
Of course there’s the movies, the Hollywood-machine, which most often turns out the typical stuff that you love to hate; but then there’s also an other side to that: movies where LA itself plays a major role for instance, a favorite sub-genre of mine: think Mulholland Drive, Lost Highway, LA Confidential, Chinatown, Heat, Laurel Canyon, The Big Lebowski, Strangedays, Falling Down, Memento, The Limey, Magnolia and you have some great stuff to keep your Netflix-queue populated.
In LA Californication reigns – ‘the act of California taking over your mind’, as Katja from visual.white.noise puts it (check out her essays on the matter), and for obvious reasons yours truly has been immersing himself sooner rather than later in the City of Angels. The past weekend I was visiting again for the Los Angeles Marathon (no, not to run it) and I had a blast; check out the photo’s.

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