Elle et moi

Un coin de rue
une enfant
tres belle

Quelque part dans la ville

Un jardin
un regard
une etreinte
un frisson
des yeux qui se veillent

Une larme qui coule
sur sa joue
la douceur de ses levres

Son corps
vivre sur mes caresses
nos souffles se melent
l’amour nous envelope

Le velours de sa jupe
ses jambes
que mes mains decouvrent

Ses mains dans mes cheveux
me griffent
excite mon desir
son desir

Ma bouche devient folle
de sa teinte
de sa peau

Ses vetements se dechirent
et liberent sa chair

Sa voix m’appelle
je t’embrasse
je t’aime
tu es belle
ton ventre
tes seins

Dedicated to R – these are the lyrics (at least, my rendering of them) of ‘Elle et moi’, a Franco-Belgian disco/funk song from the seventies by the mysterious Max Berlin (writing credits go to Cerrone et al). And quite a song it is… in my book the most mindblowingly erotic, sensual, hypnotic, trancy tune I can think of. I got to know it through Tom Barman’s movie ‘Any way the wind blows’ – one of Barman’s many talents is that he has a very good nose for hidden pearls such as this, be it songs, books, movies.
The song initially seems rather perverted, as the lyrics read a bit like some sick guy stalking a young girl on the street. But then you haven’t heard the music – sensual, hypnotic beats with Berlin’s voice over it in parlando, sounding at the same time charming, seducing and horny as hell. In Barman’s movie, the song accompanied a scene with a beautiful blond woman walking in slow motion down the streets of Antwerp, on a hot summer night. I’m blown away every time I hear it.

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