Inside Google

This is fascinating reading (via John Batelle): an ‘inside Google’ blog from an ex-Microsoftie newly hired by Google; blog has supposedly been pulled (the link is a Yahoo-cache), for reasons still unknown. Not sure if it’s a hoax or not, but from a friend that used to work for Google in Mountain View I heard similar stories: the free lunches and dinners, company ski trips etc (didn’t hear about the on-site dentist though). In a sense, Google seems to mimic the stereotypical Japanese corporate style (‘the Company will take care for you’), however, with a ‘work=play’ twist. Will we see an on-site pub or movieplex soon? So why was the blog pulled (if true): where some of the more stinging comments ‘impugning Google’s integrity’?
Btw, did this company party in San Francisco last friday perhaps take place in Gordon Biersch? We wanted to get a beer there that time, just to find the place closed off for some humongous private party…

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