Blue Screen of Death deja-vu

The Evil Emperor, in an effort to demonstrate ‘the digital lifestyle’ during the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, demonstrated instead that he’s not immune for that unique user experience every soul using his software experiences: crashing machines. As to elaborate on his point, he let a collaborator demonstrate in addition the Blue Screen of Death. And this is all but the first time they’re making this point. What’s the deal? They want to make sure that we suckers better accept the utter unreliability and flakiness of every product that rolls out of Redmond? That we won’t need to even consider bitching about it? Is this a sublime showing of arrogance and cynicism – or did the machine indeed just crash? The Mogul of Lake Washington lowered himself even more by comparing open-source advocates to communists.
In related news, the White Knight of Cupertino seems to be subject to a serious disturbance in the Force, as he started this frivolous and completely ridiculous lawsuit.

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