Tsunami holocaust

A cataclysmic couple of days: the tsunami of course, cfr. the incredible footage and images circling around. I’ve long been somewhat intrigued by tsunami’s (in tempore non suspecto), because of a documentary I once saw on the possible consequences of an Isla La Palma volcanic eruption / tsunami combo (read: US east coast being pounded) and of course, I can’t help it , because ‘tsunami’ is a beautiful word.
Then, for a couple of days it looked like there was a 3% chance the world would end on April 13, 2029, courtesy of asteroid 2004 MN4, which is on a near-collision course. The impact probability, changing day by day as a result of more processed acquisition data, went up to about 1/37, but by now has gone down safely to zero (the main impact 2004 MN4 will turn out to have are the countless Bruce Willis jokes on Slashdot).
Finally (and I have to agree, rather anticlimatically), we’re currently getting torrential rains in California – things here look now much like Belgium on a stormy november or december day.

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