Christmas day was supposed to be the last day of 2004 we would be able to enjoy the glorious sunny weather we’ve been enjoying in the Bay Area since quite a number of weeks now; the rains were scheduled to come in on sunday, so M and I figured the right way to celebrate Christmas would be to go mountain biking. Destination: Annadel State Park, near Santa Rosa, a place I haven’t been to so far, for mysterious and unexplicable reasons since people have been raving about it.

All the rave turned out to be quite justified. Annadel is a true mtb-paradise: long and sweet stretches of singletrack with rocks and boulders all over the place to make things interesting. My favorite sections: North Burma, Cobblestone and Rough-n-Go trails (nomen est omen). On this sort of technical stuff the Yeti handles like a dream.

The typical Californian oak-dotted hills made for some nice pics – this one looks like a Lord-of-the-rings type forest, or like the forest in this Tim Burton movie with the headless horseman (Sleepy Hollow, if I’m not mistaking).
After the ride we hit the city – too lazy to cook so we found a place in the Mission where we got a vintage El Salvadorian dish…

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